Frequently Asked Questions

Our North Florida retirement community combines
village friendliness with worldly sophistication.

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  • Q: Where is Fleet Landing located?

    Fleet Landing is a continuing care retirement community in northeastern Florida, in the charming oceanfront community of Atlantic Beach. This beautiful campus is just a half-mile from white, sandy beaches, two miles south of Naval Station Mayport, 9 miles east of Mayo Clinic and 15 miles east of the center of Jacksonville.

  • Q: What is a continuing care retirement community?

    A continuing care retirement community (CCRC) is a senior-living community where mature adults can enjoy private, maintenance-free residences on an amenity-filled campus and gain the assurance that exceptional healthcare and supportive services will be available to seniors as they age—without having to relocate. With one move, you can enhance your financial security, lifestyle flexibility and peace of mind.

  • Q: What is LifeCare?

    LifeCare at Fleet Landing enables you to secure priority access to levels of care and supportive services on campus, such as healthcare, short-term rehab, assisted living, memory support and skilled nursing care, all without a significant increase to your monthly fee. This greatly reduces concerns about future healthcare costs and can protect your assets from unexpected expenses. For detailed information about how the LifeCare plan works, please ask your Senior Living Counselor for a copy of the residency agreement.

  • Q: What makes Fleet Landing different from other retirement communities?

    Fleet Landing offers residents an outstanding standard of living with all the services and amenities of a country club lifestyle. Additionally, the community’s unique WELLInspired program can help you focus on staying healthy and getting more enjoyment out of everything you do.

  • Q: Is there a minimum age for residents?

    Fleet Landing offers an independent and active lifestyle for senior adults ages 62 and older. For couples, one spouse must meet the minimum age requirement.

  • Q: Who owns and operates this community?

    Fleet Landing is owned and operated by the Naval Continuing Care Retirement Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit Florida corporation. The foundation was founded to create and manage this community, which opened in 1990. An all-volunteer Board of Directors administers Fleet Landing affairs.

  • Q: Do I need to be a veteran or an officer to live
    at Fleet Landing?

    Although founded for retired military officers, Fleet Landing now welcomes people from all walks of life.

  • Q: Is Fleet Landing an accredited community?

    Yes. Fleet Landing undergoes a rigorous review process to maintain accreditation by the Continuing Care Accreditation Commission (CARF-CCAC). This voluntary accreditation demonstrates our commitment to meeting national standards of excellence and maintaining a community of the highest quality.

  • Q: Does living at Fleet Landing mean giving up independence and privacy?

    Nothing could be further from the truth. At Fleet Landing, residents enjoy maintenance-free private homes and apartments, and with many household services included in the monthly fee—and additional services available—residents often continue living independently longer than they
    otherwise might.

  • Q: How can I determine if I can afford to
    make the move?

    The cost of living at Fleet Landing often compares favorably to the cost of maintaining a home. Consider how many items you can pay for now, such as utilities, home maintenance costs and property taxes, which will be covered by your monthly fee. Prior to move-in, you may also wish to consult your financial advisor.

  • Q: What type of home will I have at Fleet Landing?

    Housing options include patio and single-family homes with one or two car garages. In addition, several three-story apartment buildings offer a variety of residence sizes and styles. With so many floor plans to choose from—all maintenance-free—you’re sure to find one that feels
    like home.

  • Q: May I decorate my residence as I wish?

    We invite you to make yourself at home by furnishing and decorating your apartment or home according to your personal tastes.

  • Q: Will my pet be allowed on campus?

    Small, well-behaved pets may live with you on campus. The complete pet policy is detailed in the Resident Handbook.

  • Q: Will I be able to bring my car?

    Community residents are encouraged to keep driving, and parking is ample. Additionally, a separate area is available for RV or boat parking.

  • Q: Is smoking permitted at Fleet Landing?

    Smoking is not permitted in any residence or common area at Fleet Landing.

  • Q: What's there to do at Fleet Landing?

    In addition to using the many amenities and resident clubs on campus, you will also have access to a robust calendar of events planned by our WELLInspired staff each month.

  • Q: Do residents need to carry homeowner's insurance?

    While Fleet Landing insures the buildings and grounds, residents will need to obtain a renter's insurance policy to cover personal property and liability.

  • Q: What is included in the monthly fee?

    The monthly fee at Fleet Landing lets you enjoy your private, maintenance-free home, campus amenities and a generous package of services that will simplify and enhance your lifestyle.

  • Q: What if I want to travel a lot?

    Living at Fleet Landing is ideal for “snowbirds” who visit their northern homes for part of the year, as well as for people who love to travel! You can just lock your door and go, and Fleet Landing will continue to safeguard and maintain your home in your absence. For absences of more than 10 days, you will receive a dining credit.

  • Q: Is the community safe?

    For your peace of mind, Fleet Landing is a gated community with 24-hour-a-day on-site safety and security officers. In your home, you’ll always feel safe thanks to an emergency pull chain and communication system, as well as a courtesy check-in system.

  • Q: How does the dining program work?

    The monthly fee entitles you to 30 meals per month, per person. You may use your meal credits in the LakeView Dining Room, or any other dining venue.

  • Q: How do people dress at Fleet Landing?

    During the day, residents dress for casual comfort. Residents are required to dress up a bit for the evening meal in the LakeView Dining Room. In winter, men wear collared shirts and slacks with a jacket, and women wear dresses and pant or skirt suits. During the summer, jackets are not required and dress is relaxed but still tidy. Casual dining is available year-round in other campus dining venues.

  • Q: What does the entrance fee cover?

    The entrance fee guarantees residency, use of the common facilities and access to assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and healthcare services.

  • Q: What kinds of amenities and common areas are available to residents?

    Fleet Landing offers: resort-quality indoor amenities and outstanding outdoor amenities to broaden your options for fitness, recreation and culture.

  • Q: What healthcare services are available?

    Fleet Landing provides a continuum of care through all of life’s stages. Residents are guaranteed access to health clinic services, assisted living, memory support, rehabilitation, and long and short-term skilled nursing care.

  • Q: Is there a Resident Association?

    Yes. Fleet Landing has an active Resident Council. Residents participate in a variety of committees relating to campus life.

  • Q: What role does long-term care insurance have in paying for a CCRC?

    Long-term care insurance policies vary based on the provider but may cover assisted living, nursing care and other healthcare services.

  • Q: Does Fleet Landing Retirement Community have a waiting list?

    Yes! Joining our Waiting List Registry, our future resident list, secures your place in line for the type of residence you prefer and provides many benefits. The sooner you join, the sooner you’ll have the opportunity to move to Fleet Landing.

  • Q: What is the next step if I'd like to learn more?

    We invite you to visit Fleet Landing! Please call 877.591.6547 to schedule an appointment for a complimentary meal and personalized tour.

  • Q: What kind of entrance fee plans does
    Fleet Landing offer?

    Fleet Landing offers three entrance fee options with asset protection features, so residents may choose the plan that suits them best. Contact a Fleet Landing senior living counselor for more information.